Kim Michelle Raysmith


Kim resides in Perth Western Australia and is a mother of two 2 young boys, Maximo and Sampson. She has worked as a senior executive in the construction sector for many years. Suffering from stress, anxiety and burn out, Kim was on a downward spiral of using alcohol and food as her only way of coping with work pressure and motherhood.

In 2016, Kim broke free of addiction and transitioned into a rewarding, fulfilled, anxiety free life that she never thought possible.

After finding This Naked Mind and using their methodology, she found true mental freedom from alcohol and adult disordered eating issues. Kim is a Certified This Naked Mind Coach, NLP Partitioner and Yoga, Breath & Meditation Instructor. She brings strength from personal experience, in depth knowledge of the mind, breath and body, to her one-on-one coaching, programs and retreat services. Kim specialises in alcohol and discorded eating issues for women and men, as well as alcohol education and mentoring to the construction sector.