Kathleen Donnelly


Kathleen is a queer feminist punk kitchen poet who’s been married 35+ years to her best friend & continuously sober the last 25+ years. She’s a TNM Certified Life Coach, who’s passionate about pursuing personal-growth knowledge & tools both to enhance their own recovery wellness journey & to share with their LGBTQIA+ ally community through their work in recovery peer support & life coaching.

After years of over-serving herself with alcohol & other drugs to avoid anxiety, shame, pain, & trauma, Kathleen came to realize that the quiet voice insisting there had to be a better way rang true. They spent years cobbling together healthier coping strategies ranging from 12-steps to surfing to art-therapy to organic farming to writing workshops to distance running to kitchen alchemy to spiritual exploration to TNM to help them build a more meaningful & joyful life.

She is enthusiastic about sharing her experiences to help people free themselves from feeling stuck in challenging relationships with addictive substances & other unhealthy ways of numbing ourselves to deal with life’s stressors.