Katharine Chapman Pope


Katharine aims to serve the responder community with confidential mentoring programs for any career stage; from pre-career planning to post-career transitions, addressing real-time goals and roadblocks for practitioners. These programs were developed FOR the responder community BY a responder. 

In 2021, Katharine developed the “Responders: Last Call” program to help other responders take back their power from alcohol. She first enrolled in the July 2020 Live Alcohol Experiment and, after three more rounds, is one happy sober investigator!

Over the last fifteen years, Katharine worked as a Crime Scene Specialist for the Austin Police Department, Casualty Analyst for the Department of Defense MIA/POW Personnel Office, and Forensic Investigator and Anthropologist in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, and Delaware medical examiners’ offices. She also volunteered with Operation Identification to excavate unidentified people on the Texas/Mexico border. She is active with the American Academy of Forensic Sciences, Society of Forensic Anthropologists, and DMORT. 

She lives with her husband, kids, and dogs on Maryland’s Eastern Shore.