Kath Roberts


Kath is an alcohol-free coach driven by a heartfelt desire to guide others toward the profound joy and newfound liberation she herself discovered after relinquishing alcohol.

Her journey wasn’t always marked by abstinence, however. Balancing the responsibilities of a single mother raising her son while fulfilling the role of a dedicated Business Manager in a Primary School, Kath often found solace in a glass of wine at the end of the day, viewing it as a means to unwind and treat herself. Yet, with the passage of time, the realization dawned that alcohol was no longer a beneficial presence in her life, urging her toward transformative change.

In March of 2021, Kath resolved to entirely forego alcohol and embrace a totally new lifestyle, adopting Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind Methodology as her guide. This decision became a turning point, heralding one of the most pivotal and positive choices she’s ever made. Along her journey, she uncovered the potent impact of morning self-affirmations alongside her coffee, illuminating the world with fresh perspectives.

Reflecting upon her own trajectory, Kath wishes she’d possessed the insights she holds now about the rewards of an alcohol-free existence, particularly within the context of single parenthood. It is this fervour that fuels her commitment to aiding others in attaining the same level of empowerment she’s attained since parting ways with alcohol.

Kath empathizes with the challenges that can arise while spending time at home, where feelings of boredom, isolation, melancholy, or frustration can take root. Nevertheless, she stands ready to provide unwavering assistance, guidance, and a beacon of hope to those yearning to liberate themselves from alcohol’s grasp, fostering a life that is both happier and healthier.