Kate Nichols


Kate is an Alcohol Freedom and Mindset Coach. It’s her passion to create a space where successful active midlife people can renegotiate their relationship with alcohol and find freedom and peace whilst embarking on a healthier, happier lifestyle.

As a fitness enthusiast and someone who lives life to the fullest, Kate believes you can question your relationship with alcohol without having hit rock bottom. Kate gained mastery of her own life and became capable of great change in 2021 when she realized alcohol no longer served her. She wants to help others reach their full potential and enjoy the life they deserve and dream of.
Kate believes everyone has the ability to heal, change and grow. By becoming aware and curious, Kate helps others overcome limiting beliefs and develop positivity by using a science-based and compassion-led methodology by Annie Grace. Kate couldn’t have imagined how amazing it would feel to live alcohol-free! It became the answer to living her best life ever; an existence full of hope, endless possibilities, personal development, magical relationships, and feeling so fabulously well and healthy.

“Kate! You are awesome! Truly!

I remember back to the beginning of this incredible journey of growth, and how I connected to you. Always so honest, transparent, funny, and supportive. Sometimes giddy with possibility! Made me smile!

Listening to accounts of your alcohol-free journey helped me lean into your way of thinking and feeling as you described what freedom looked like and what there was to look forward to! What inspiration!

You encouraged me to keep going and follow my dreams. Thank you!”