Kate Nelson, PhD


Kate is a wife and mom of two. A few of her favorite things include running, reading, quiet early mornings, budgeting, coffee, flavored seltzer, chips and dip, and the beach!

Kate spent college and graduate school working hard during the week and rewarding herself with drinking binges on the weekends. After becoming a mom, she learned about and fully embraced “mommy wine culture.” Kate continued to focus on her job and kids during the week and would reward herself with wine on the weekends. Although she was drinking less than she was in college and graduate school (for the most part), Kate was constantly questioning her relationship with alcohol. She always felt anxious and out of it the next day after only having a few drinks and she knew deep down that she was not setting a good example for her children. She would also go overboard from time to time when she had a kid-free night. On Christmas Day 2017, Kate decided that there was more to life than drinking. In her quest to find a solution, she came across This Naked Mind.

Kate’s life improved so much after becoming alcohol-free that she felt called to help others do the same, and became a Certified Naked Mind Coach. She is especially passionate about helping working moms who have been turning to alcohol to cope with the stress of juggling it all. She will work 1:1 with you to help you find freedom without using will power and learn alternative ways to deal with stress.