Karolina Rzadkowolska


Karolina is a certified alcohol-free life coach and founder of Euphoric Alcohol-Free. She works with health-conscious and personal growth-oriented women who find that their gray-area drinking is not aligned with their deeper values anymore. Knowing how painful it felt to feel so stuck and aimless, Karolina helps women transform their relationship with alcohol so that they can unlock another level of potential in their lives and find new passions and purpose.

Karolina is obsessed with personal growth, traveling around the world, and her fluffy Samoyed. Alcohol-free since February 2018, Karolina has used her empowering AF identity to achieve her greatest dreams, including working for herself while making an impact, building her passion business, and writing a book (Euphoric will be out in bookstores in January 2022). In addition to working with soul-seekers to transform their relationships with alcohol, she also specializes in the beautiful aftermath of finding freedom: giving voice to new dreams and goals. Karolina lives in San Diego with her husband and sweet Samoyed.

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