Karla Baning, DNP


Karla is a dedicated advocate for personal freedom and transformation.  She believes true freedom is available to anyone willing to resolutely train their self to attain it. To that end, she empowers individuals to identify and overcome barriers hindering their progress.  She views people as inherently complete and capable of transformation at any moment and is committed to helping them recognize and embrace their potential.

Coach Karla has a rich background in Neuroscience.  She has worked as a Neuroscience Nurse and Nurse Practitioner for the past 20 years and holds a doctorate in the practice of nursing with an emphasis on translational research from the University of Arizona. She understands the profound power of the human mind and refuses to perceive others as powerless. Karla is driven by a profound mission to guide individuals, including healthcare professionals, toward transcending the ordinary and embracing the extraordinary. Her dedication lies in assisting them to take responsibility for their reality and imparting transformative techniques that lead to a life filled with greater satisfaction and joy. As a coach, she extends her expertise to empower healthcare professionals, recognizing the unique challenges they face, and supports them in unlocking their full potential for personal and professional fulfillment.

Karla decided to stop drinking as part of her personal growth journey. She was shocked to find herself in the grip of a powerful cycle of addiction, unable to successfully regulate her drinking. She found herself squarely within the realm of what is commonly referred to as “gray area” drinking. Despite not reaching rock bottom or displaying an apparent loss of control to outside observers, she recognized the subtler yet concerning signs of a powerful addiction. This realization was the impetus that led her to This Naked Mind (TNM) where she learned how to overcome challenges with compassion and grace rather than through shame, blame, and guilt.  Impressed by the robust scientific foundation and documented success of TNM’s methodology, Karla took her commitment a step further. She enrolled in the TNM Institute, where she immersed herself in the principles and practices, ultimately becoming a certified coach. Since August 28, 2021, Karla has celebrated a journey of personal triumph and maintained an alcohol-free (AF) lifestyle as she passionately shares her expertise to support others on their paths to freedom.