Karen Pellegrino


Hi I’m Karen , Personal mindset and Image coach (aka The Sober Stylist)

As a woman who struggles with ADHD, a mom of four high-maintenance kids, and a working wife – self-care went out the window relatively quickly. As I started to find a lot of comfort in my wine every night, my life became a series of bad habits, subpar nutrition, and lowered standards.

It wasn’t until 2020 (yes, that year) that I realized things had to change. I became aware of how unhealthy I was on the inside, and how in response, my mind and body weren’t functioning the way I needed them to. I was depressed, living in a rut, and certainly not showing up as the best version of myself. And more than that, I knew that I couldn’t sustain it. I was going to crash – and soon. Then I stumbled upon This Naked Mind, by you know who. It changed my life by teaching me about the brain and habit formation. I dove in, and through coaching, began to rebuild. I got rid of all the shit I was putting in my body and started to rediscover the me I once was. And through this process, I KNEW that if I could pull myself out of the rut I was in, I could 100% do so for other parents struggling with the same issues.