Karen King


As a certified alcohol-free life coach and former finance executive CPA, Karen coaches professional women who want to break free from emotional dependence on alcohol. Believing that no woman is defective and all women have the power within them to make a change are the driving forces behind her coaching practice.

Karen espouses the motto “Never too late! Never give up!” She believes that it is never too late to make a life change and the only failure is giving up. Karen uses self-compassion over shame, and curiosity over judgment to help her clients get back to a life they love.

Karen began her alcohol-free journey at an AA meeting in April 2017. She had been using alcohol to cope with life after a series of traumatic events. She was widowed at 40, withstood a rebound marriage and divorce, and was left raising three daughters as a single stay-at-home mom. She re-entered the corporate world where she drank to socialize, network at her job, and relax at the end of a busy stressful day. Alcohol was her reward until it became her nightmare.

After trying meetings, moderation, and willpower and feeling defeated, Karen discovered the transformative methodology of This Naked Mind and the power of the brain to create lasting change. Karen now helps other women gain freedom from alcohol and transform their lives. She believes that every woman has more in them than they could possibly imagine. She loves to help women uncover their full potential alcohol-free.

Karen and her husband live in Denver Colorado and enjoy the outdoors, a multitude of sports, and hanging out with her three daughters, his two sons, and their shih tzu pups.

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“I found Karen while scrolling Instagram and knew I wanted to be just like her.” C.W. Atlanta, GA Executive

“From Karen, I learned that alcohol and past actions don’t define me; there’s no need to feel shame, remorse, or regret. I needed to choose self-compassion and curiosity to help me get where I want to be.” L.Z. Chicago, IL Attorney

“Karen is wonderful, open, and available in a way that feels like a friend guiding you.” L.S. San Francisco, CA Artist