Justine Clark


Justine’s passion is YOU living your best life! She coaches and heals online and in person, has 20 years of clinical experience, and physical, structural and emotional toolkits to reset and reframe your mind and body.

Justine shines a light on how to improve physical and mental health for those striving for their best life, burnt out by perfectionism and overachievement.

Justine specialises in freedom from alcohol and distance healing (cranial sacral therapy to rebalance the nervous system). After 5 years of abstinence and moderation, Justine has been alcohol-free since October 2022.

Justine provides an integrated mind and body approach to restore balance and well-being.


I had the great opportunity of being coached by Justine.  Her compassion, insight, and knowledge helped me see things that I could not.  Justine helped me move through a very difficult emotional snag. Her skills as a compassionate and knowledgeable coach helped me re-frame old thought patterns and feel extreme freedom with my new clarity.  I am ever grateful Justine.
Michelle N.

I’ve had the pleasure of being coached by Justine on numerous occasions. She is elegantly articulate with a warm and welcoming demeanor. You can feel her genuine deep desire to watch her clients soar! Brilliantly perceptive and personable, a session with Justine takes all manners of personal well-being into account; emotional wellness as well as mental and physical. She has helped me enormously in changing my old thought patterns; she truly has a gift. Highly recommend!
Stacey C.

Coach Justine, I feel so privileged that you picked me as your TNMI buddy on day 1 of this journey. You’ve kept me going on so many occasions when I’ve been down these last six months and any self-belief I have about myself as a coach, is only there because you shone a light on strengths I couldn’t see. You make the “woo-woo” tangible, the painful, manageable, the abstract, visible, and the taboo, discussable. So honoured to be partnering with you on our Dry Jan experiment. Congratulations Coach Justine – my life coach (and hopefully for me, life means life!)
Barry C.