Justin Morris, LMSW


Justin has a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and has a Master Degree in Social work as well as post graduate education in theories of the mind and human development. For nearly 10 years Justin worked as a Social worker at a high-stress and demanding job with other educators and people in the helping profession. It was always normal for coworkers to get together and have a drink on a Friday night and sometimes on other week nights. It was not just a high stress job that contributed to his drinking but it was also generational patterns where drinking was the norm. After stepping away from this high stress job Justin realized that alcohol did nothing to relieve stress and only brought more on. Justin also realized that running, his favorite thing to do, was a lot easier with a clear mind.

After reading this Naked Mind, Justin learned the truth behind alcohol and decided to stop drinking for good on September 9th 2020. Breaking past this pattern was challenging but even more growth happened when he became curious of the reason he drank and he wants to help you become more curious too. This Naked Mind helped Justin to also think about other aspects of his life that he wanted to further explore and with this Naked Mind framework and with the help of another This Naked Mind Certified coach he had great success achieving positive changes and a more fulfilling life.

As a Certified This Naked Mind coach, Justin wants to help you break past the beliefs you hold about alcohol, the self, and your environment that lead you to believe that alcohol is a pro social and positive behavior. Justin also wants to help you assess your current path you are taking and step into the uncomfortable feelings that open yourself up to curiosity about where you are in your life and help guide you to positive changes and a more fulfilling life. Helping you pave the way for an alternative direction is what you will do while working with Justin. Working with Justin you will learn how to be proud of being a non drinker and say it to others without the shame and guilt that often accompany the words, “No thanks, I don’t drink ”.