Julie MaGill


Julie MaGill is a certified Mindset and Transformational Life Coach who is passionate about helping wellness-oriented, professional women achieve their vision and highest potential. As an executive at a fast-paced tech company in NYC, Julie understands the need for relaxation and self-care after a stressful day at work, but knows that alcohol isn’t the answer! She works with professional women who know deep down that their alcohol use doesn’t align with a healthy lifestyle. After years of questioning alcohol’s place in her life and knowing that it was not serving her in a quest to live well, Julie went alcohol-free in March of 2018 after discovering Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind methodology. Julie now uses the methodology to help her clients dismantle unhealthy habits, transform their relationship with alcohol, and unleash their greatest potential.

Julie lives in NJ with her Pomeranian and Terrier Mix. She enjoys spending time at the shore with her dogs, reading, spinning, rowing, yoga, nutrition, and healthy cooking.