Joy Stieglitz, ALPC


What started as a fun way to go out in high school and college, morphed into the only way Joy knew how to socialize and de-stress. Over time, reliance on alcohol crept into all aspects of her life, and the 3:00 am cycle of self-loathing and regret became the intolerable norm. Joy was a high functioning professional, successful in her career, a loving mother of three, happily married, and fully capable of controlling all areas of her life, except how much she drank…and she wanted to make a change.

Periods of moderation in her 35+ year drinking career never brought the freedom she desired. Then in November 2019, Joy read Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind and learned how to control her drinking once and for all. Alcohol is now small and irrelevant in Joy’s life, and she is on a mission to help other high-achieving people live their best lives.

Joy is passionate about working with sandwich generation people, who juggle careers, kids, aging parents, and everything life throws their way, to find new coping mechanisms because the alcohol crutch is no longer working. Through 1:1 coaching and group sessions, she helps clients find inner clarity, courage, and confidence to shift their mindset and change their relationship with alcohol. Clients discover strategies that lead not only to freedom from alcohol, but also to profound shifts in all areas of life, a deeper sense of self, and the attainment of inner peace.

Joy grew up in Buffalo, NY, and lived in Boston, NYC, and Denver before settling in Madison. She is as comfortable presenting in a board room as she is chain-sawing firewood at the cabin she and her husband built twenty-five years ago in northern Wisconsin.


“Joy Stieglitz is kind, patient, caring, and most importantly has been there! It is so difficult trying to navigate an alcohol-free life on your own. Of course, for a lot of us, our partners drink, our friends drink and our families drink. You can find yourself pretty alone and isolated doing this on your own. Joy provides great guidance, tools, and understanding of your journey and is the perfect coach to hold your hand while you walk this fabulous alcohol-free road.” Tracy D, Ottawa, Ontario