Jordan O’Neill


Jordan lives in the alpine regional area of Victoria, Australia. He spends his time exploring and enjoying the mountains on his doorstep. In winter the ski boots are on his feet, for the rest of the year, trail running or climbing shoes. Often he’ll be accompanied by his partner and two young boys. His diverse background includes training specialist mountain rescue teams in technical skills and trauma-related first aid. He has further developed his training and personal development skills to coach men in regional areas who feel their life is mediocre because they are held back by alcohol. People who find themselves wanting to be better men to their partners, better dads to their kids. Those who seek presence, motivation and compassion, yet are unable to reach their full potential and cannot sustain changes to their habits.

Jordan has been alcohol-free since February 2019 and ever since, has wanted to share the joy of being in total control over alcohol.

Jordan provides a judgment-free space to allow learning and understanding to promote growth and development. He will help guide you to the gift of the ‘superpower’. Being able to recognise, analyse and change your unhelpful desires, behaviours and habits.