Johanna Styne Sullivan


Johanna is a certified This Naked Mind and Gray Area Drinking Coach. Her clients are likely high-functioning and probably over-achieving but aren’t living a whole-hearted life when it comes to alcohol. Johanna relates to her clients through her own experiences – the stress of a high-profile career, the loneliness of being single, depression after divorce, and caregiving fatigue.

Johanna had a successful 18-year career selling advertising and sponsorships in the sports and entertainment industry. It was a dream job and she poured herself into it, winning awards and accolades for performance. Her lifestyle was working hard, playing hard – entertaining clients, traveling, and alcohol was always in the mix.

On the outside, she appeared happy, but on the inside, was incredibly lonely. She watched her friends find love, get married, and have children. While she was successful professionally, she considered herself a failure because she based her happiness (or lack thereof) upon the things they had that she didn’t. She took antidepressants and used wine to numb herself and fill the void in her life of not having a partner.

At the height of her career, her mother was diagnosed with cancer. An only child, Johanna found herself simultaneously caring for her mother, changing careers, and ending a short, tumultuous marriage at age 43. Her feelings of shame and grief were overwhelming, and as her drinking career escalated, she sunk into a dark place. She knew something had to change, but pride, shame, and judgment were all preventing her from getting the help that she really needed.

Once she finally parted ways with alcohol in 2019, her life changed in ways she would never have imagined. Giving up alcohol made room in her life to find her soulmate that she married at 50.

Johanna works with professional women who are using alcohol to relieve stress or fill the void of not having a partner, caregivers, and those experiencing career transitions. She also works with couples alongside her husband who is 10 years alcohol-free. Her clients work in a private, confidential, and non-judgmental space. Together, they co-create a customized strategy – focused on cognitive change and nervous system regulation – to develop an action plan that holds clients accountable and provides daily support.

If you are ready to become Clear + Present in your life – regain your health, find happiness, and freedom from alcohol – schedule a call.


 I have the same story that so many of us had…I was drinking way too much during the pandemic and then celebrated finally being able to get together with friends & family with libations.

What I call my “baseline” or tolerance for alcohol consumption was so high it scared me. I was puffy, sluggish, waking up with a foggy mind, all of which made me feel terrible. I am a health nut, I’m passionate about nutrition, exercise, and practicing a mindful lifestyle. Why was I still participating in this daily habit that was causing inflammation and depression, despite a small voice telling me to cut back?!

Johanna helped me get to my WHY and get honest with myself and my drinking habits. If you are ready to get rid of alcohol from your life completely or want to cut back and reevaluate your relationship with alcohol, I urge you to work with Johanna! She provides a judgment-free approach to her practice, and she has such a heart to guide her clients to find their WHY.