Joanna Turnpenny


Joanna is a single mum of three children and a black labrador called Chase! They live in Stafford in the middle of England. Since giving up alcohol, Joanna has made some major changes in her life at age 50. She now enjoys off-road running, sky diving, open water swimming and as much travelling as allowed!

For over ten years, Joanna knew that her life and that of her children was being held back by alcohol but because everyone drank and the whole world seemed to say that it was a good thing she carried on. In the last year of her drinking she lost her father to drinking, ruined family holidays and even Christmas because of alcohol. Joanna finally found This Naked Mind and realised that what she suspected all along was true, alcohol was the cause of all of her problems, not the solution to them. She now has a deep desire to help mums stuck in the same situation as she was, particularly if they have a fear of ruining yet another special family event because of drinking.

Joanna has been alcohol free since 20th April 2019.

Joanna can help you to still be the cool mum, the rebel you always were and the badass sexy sober woman you have always wanted to be.