Jim Shovlin, R. Ph.


Jim is a lover of the Outdoors. His hobbies include hiking, cycling, camping, fishing, skiing, ETC. He says that he’s also “addicted to” H.I.I.T. workouts. (High Intensity Intermittent Training)

Jim has been a Registered Pharmacist for 42 years. His career started in a small independent pharmacy in East New York (Brooklyn) & the New York City Hospital System. Jim left N.Y.C and settled in a small city in Central N.Y. He owned & operated a community pharmacy for 32 Years & Loved Every Minute Of It.

Jim considered himself a–Normal Weekend Social Drinker. He wouldn’t drink during the week because drinking interfered with patient care & service. Jim said that “his drinking career” took off when he: 1)hired a full-time pharmacist, & 2) semi-retired. Jim now had all sorts of Extra Time To Drink.

Jim has been Alcohol-Free since the last week of June 2018, but says he doesn’t know the exact day. After several attempts at Moderation, several attempts at D.I.Y quitting, & taking an online quit drinking program–someone recommended he read This Naked Mind by Annie Grace. Jim read TNM in May 2018. The Book “slowly sank in”–All Of A Sudden–Jim had No reason or desire to drink!!

Jim says that: SOBRIETY IS AMAZING!! Jim also says that he thanks God every day that he never has to drink alcohol ever again. After being A.F. for 1+½ years, Jim wanted to “give back” & help others discover his Awesome A.F. Life. He saw an opportunity to become a TNMI Certified Coach & jumped right in. Jim became a Certified This Naked Mind Coach. Jim wants to work with recent retirees, soon-to-be retirees, & grandparents to help them discover their Amazing A.F. futures.