Jenny Jones


Jenny was no stranger to the negative effects of alcohol. From an early age, she watched as her father and other close family members struggled with their drinking. Watching the years-long battle her father had with alcohol led Jenny to pursue a career in addiction treatment. So, when she was faced with her own struggle with alcohol, the shame and guilt was almost unbearable. She was supposed to know better.

What Jenny has learned from her own struggle has completely changed everything she thought she knew about addiction and reignited her desire to help others get back control of their lives. Jenny has been happily living alcohol free since December 30, 2019. She was in her mid-thirty’s when she started to question her relationship with alcohol. But she hid her struggle and suffered in silence for years due to the fear of judgement, shame, and guilt. Had she not found Annie Grace and This Naked Mind, she wonders how much longer she would have gone on to suffer needlessly. The idea that so many others may be suffering in silence too, has moved her to join this revolution.

Jenny has adopted This Naked Minds’ compassion based, judgement free and curiosity led approach to helping people explore their own relationship with alcohol. The goal might be freedom from alcohol, but the truth is, that is just the beginning. For so many people, alcohol is an escape; an escape from stress, anxiety riddled thoughts and incessant negative self-talk. But the reality is that alcohol is just a mask. Jenny wants to help people learn how to manage those thoughts and feelings without turning to alcohol and discover a life they don’t want to escape from.