Jennifer Salzman


Jennifer is a self proclaimed rebel, a stand-up comedian and former comedy club owner. She had always embraced her ‘party girl’ status as a badge of honor, until the ramifications of her drinking and her impulsive lifestyle became destructive and unmanageable.

When Jennifer was diagnosed with adult ADHD in her 40s she realized that she had spent more than 20 years self medicating her symptoms with alcohol. Drinking was the easiest and fastest way to shut off the constant chatter in her brain. She also discovered that alcohol abuse among people with ADHD is much more common than it is in people without the condition. Jennifer’s mission as a TNM Coach is to support those who are using booze to help settle down their mind, by sharing her own experience and the consequences of self medicating.

Jennifer provides one-on-one coaching to work through beliefs around booze without labels or judgment and guides those on their own journey to alcohol freedom – without willpower and without feeling deprived.

Jennifer has been alcohol free since October, 2020 and now knows that choosing to be a non-drinker in our alcohol saturated society is the ultimate act of rebellion!

Finding freedom from alcohol, Jennifer has gained a new outlook on life and a better relationship with herself. She is grateful to have the opportunity to give back by helping others to find freedom from alcohol and improve their own lives.