Jennifer Jacobs


Jen is a daughter, sister, wife, co-parent, and mother/step-mother to those that know her best – a friend, colleague, coach and volunteer to others. In wearing all these hats, she lost herself to the expectations of others, and used alcohol to help mask her discontent with what the outside world was telling her to be. When lured into the destructive, yet all too common pressure to compare and keep up, Jen was constantly disorientated.  As she continuously turned to alcohol to quiet her fears and insecurities, the negative self talk only got worse, as her behavior was inconsistent with her values. Over the years, the artificial existence and the non-sensical dependency on alcohol to cope became a burden, a shame that she carried for way too long.

In December 2020, after reading ‘This Naked Mind’, Jen decided she was better off without the booze. As she started to experience less of a desire to numb, she gradually re-discovered a space within to feel, listen, trust… and to ultimately heal and grow. Little did she know that freeing herself from alcohol would create a passionate spark that would lead to a coaching career designed to help others experience the same freedom. Jen is eager to offer her compassion, wisdom and warmth to other women that are struggling to quiet the noise and keep it real while keeping all the balls in the air.

Jen is a warm introvert, who prefers one-on-one conversation or a good laugh with a friends over forced small talk or trendy gatherings. Jen values integrity, self-awareness and creativity. She’s got a keen wit and an inquisitive nature, and she enjoys reading, live music, baking, tarot, spin class and long walks with whomever will tag along. She’s not particularly fond of adhering to societal expectations, and she’s ready to help others who are curious about the freedom that lies beyond the hustle and the numbing.