Jennifer Dress, RN, LMT


Jennifer is a devoted mother who successfully raised three remarkable adults, cherishing the joys and responsibilities that come with being a nurturing parent, and wife. Throughout the years, she maintained a deliberate absence of alcohol within their home while her children were growing up. However, once they embarked on their own journey and the nest emptied, Jennifer chose to loosen her self-imposed restrictions.

Entering the next chapter of her life, as an empty nester, Jennifer discovered a desire to cultivate fresh connections and explore new hobbies and activities. Strangely enough, many social activities she engaged in presented opportunities where alcohol was readily available. Gradually, alcohol became a regular end-of-week reward for life stressors, with a glass of wine and a tub bath becoming her method of self-care. Unfortunately, this reliance on alcohol left her drained and devoid of restful sleep, robbing her of the energy needed to embrace her newfound hobbies. It became apparent that alcohol was taking more than it was giving.

During a 30-day dry month challenge, Jennifer’s eyes were opened to how much alcohol had been negatively affecting her. Taking a short break from drinking, she noticed a remarkable increase in energy, improved sleep, and a decrease in food cravings.  

Feeling conflicted about how to continue her alcohol-free journey amidst societal influences, Jennifer came across a book called “This Naked Mind” by Annie Grace. The book provided valuable insights and explained the science-based truth about the harmful effects of alcohol on the body. It opened her eyes to the culture, stigma, and difficulties many face in finding freedom from alcohol.

With this newfound understanding, Jennifer began to examine her drinking patterns and continued her alcohol-free journey and has been free from alcohol since April of 2022.  She gained confidence in her choices, even in the face of cultural and societal conditioning. Drawing from science and methodology, Jennifer found a compassionate way to remove psychological dependence through a mindful approach that puts one back in control and stops cravings. 

When she is not coaching, she is balancing her role as a nurse and a licensed massage therapist. Jennifer has several passions outside of her career including endurance trail running, outdoor rock climbing, and snow and water skiing.  When she is not pushing her physical limits, Jennifer finds solace in the world of art indulging in fiber work, watercolor painting, and pastel drawing.  In addition, she is exploring the art of micro-macrame. Jennifer believes her creativity sparkled and grew with her alcohol-free journey.

Now, Jennifer aims to share her experiences and support anyone who questions their relationship with alcohol. Using the methodology outlined in “This Naked Mind,” she provides a non-judgmental and safe space for individuals to explore the role alcohol plays in their lives. Whether they seek to take a break from drinking or make alcohol small and irrelevant, Jennifer is dedicated to helping them find the answers they are looking for.

“Jennifer is a wonderful coach. She helped me shift my energy around a huge issue that was holding me back in my personal relationships: by holding space for me to explore my tangled thoughts, and in offering thoughtful questions both to challenge and encourage, she made me feel safe and heard. I’m really grateful for the positive impact that Jennifer’s coaching has had on my life.”
~ J.P. (Portland, OR)