Jenn Reed


Jenn is a single mom who used to think the only way to connect with people was through alcohol. Since quitting for good in 2019 she has realized that this is not the case. She aspires to teach others that venturing out with friends and other parents does not require alcohol and living alcohol free creates better connections.

Jenn used booze in most social situations, getting to the point where she started to have more overindulgent situations than she would like. Jenn has led an active and healthy life and while realizing that alcohol was not adding to her healthy lifestyle, she stumbled upon a blog that mentioned the book, “This Naked Mind”. This is when her thinking started to turn around and she fell in love with her new mentality. She used her new tools to turn her life into something she was proud about, and after helping friends with their sobriety journey, she decided to pursue coaching. Having been an entrepreneur for years, it was an easy fit!

Now, Jenn focuses on doing more of what makes her happy while not numbing out in social situations.

Jenn works with single moms who may not necessarily be daily drinkers, but tend to binge socially. Jenn works with client’s whose lives are not necessarily spiraling out of control, but see that alcohol has become more a part of their healthy active lives than they want it to be.