Jenn Baker


Jenn is an adventurous and fun-loving mother of two, a seasoned entrepreneur and life coach, passionate about empowering people to create and redefine freedom for themselves. She loves the thrill of constant learning, and the moments when clients experience a new breakthrough. When she’s not coaching, Jenn enjoys getting outdoors, being active and exploring new places and experiences with her family. 

Jenn helps #mompreneurs and other fun-loving, high-achieving women find clarity in their purpose and rediscover their passion. She provides support for building confidence and inviting more joy and peace into their lives. Working for nearly two decades in the service industry, and then another two in a high stress marketing career, Jenn understands first-hand how alcohol can creep in and begin stealing your potential, without ever really seeming like it’s causing a problem. She’s also observed how generational drinking causes crippling challenges in family relationships. 

In 2020, Jenn decided to learn more about alcohol and its effects.  After joining This Nake Mind and having her own breakthroughs, she has been happily alcohol free since August 2021. After experiencing the numerous, positive benefits of not drinking in her own life, she committed to coaching others in their pursuit of a better life. Jenn is dedicated to helping you level up in your business, career and relationships by showing you how to make alcohol irrelevant and insignificant in your life!