Jeffery Bryson


After 25 years in various Leadership Roles within the Hospitality and Customer Service Industry in New York City, Jeff has the career of his Dreams. As a Co-Founder of Livin’ It Out Loud, LLC & A This Naked Mind Certified Coach. Jeff is more fulfilled and at peace in his life than ever before. Jeff understands the value of being in service to others, the importance of holding space for another human being, and shares his own story in the hopes of inspiring others to look at their own relationship with any substances that may have them feeling stuck in their lives.

Jeff found the book “This Naked Mind” by Author and Founder Annie Grace in April of 2021 quite by accident. When he read it, things immediately started to click. He had never heard anyone talk about this subject this way and couldn’t even believe it. It was like someone had taken all the thoughts he had in his head about this, that no one who was supposed to be trying to help and support him would listen to and put them in a book.

In early October of 2021 Jeff detoxed from his last drinking binge to date.

Enrolling in the program to become a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind was not a choice Jeff had to make. He only had to do the next right thing. According to him “My path had been cleared and my new life was waiting on the other side”. “I just had no idea how quickly and how amazingly it was going to happen and how differently it would feel this time”. Jeff knows this approach works. He is living proof after not only putting down the bottle, but he also dropped 70lbs and got his severely declining health under control in record time. He has tried every program imaginable to fix all of the things he thought were wrong with him. It wasn’t until he heard Annie’s words that he could finally hear it. “Stop quitting, quitting, you are not broken, and you don’t need to be fixed”, resonated so deeply. From that place of acceptance and allowance, Jeff has been able to put down the shame and the blame. In doing so he has transformed his long-time dreams into his reality like never before.

Jeff offers 1:1 coaching around alcohol and associated substances for Gay Men in their 40’s-50’s wishing to explore their relationship with anything that may have them beginning to question or just stuck . His clients work to identify thoughts and beliefs that are no longer serving them, gain awareness around where they tend to focus energy vs. where best to focus that energy, and discover the Act of Consciously Creating a Life They Love.

We do have the Power to create our own Reality. That is why being aware of our thoughts is so important. You get what you think about, whether you want it or not…