Jeff Graham


Jeff broke free from the physical and mental burden of alcohol on February 3, 2020. As a professional and father of 4, Jeff held the belief that he deserved to drink and had earned the reward that alcohol provided without the realization of how much it was destroying his life. As a Certified This Naked Mind Coach he now provides 1:1 coaching with individuals that have realized their drinking is a problem but hold onto the fear of stopping. Freeing ourselves from alcohol is not just physical abstinence. It comes from understanding and addressing not only the cravings we experience, but the reasons why we want that drink. It is with understanding the “why’s” that we can find the freedom.

Through discussion of our experiences, successes, and struggles, and with the utilization of the proven This Naked Mind methodology based around grace, compassion, and curiosity, we can uncover our core beliefs around alcohol and drinking and learn to master the personal tools to challenge and ultimately overcome those beliefs.

Jeff was a long-term drinker who used his physical activities, strong business work ethics and dedication to his family to justify his drinking. This justification blinded him to the destruction that his drinking was doing to not only his life, but the lives’ of his family. Jeff’s understanding of his own journey is helping others to free themselves from alcohol’s grip and to realize a life that we had forgotten was possible.