Isabella Ferguson


Isabella is based in Sydney and specialises in supporting women experiencing overwhelm, stress and exhaustion juggling work and family commitments and who are worried about their alcohol use. 

Isabella’s clients are professional woman in mid-life seeking balance and women who have left their corporate careers to raise their family and are now feeling trapped, stagnated and frustrated with life. 

All of Isabella’s clients have one thing in common.  They are Grey Area Drinkers and are all aware that alcohol is taking more from them than it is giving.  They are tired of feeling tired and are curious whether alcohol is the common thread that is holding them back from living a happier and healthier life.  It probably is! These women know they are leaning on alcohol as their primary means of self-care and it is increasingly becoming a problem. When you give so much to others all day it is so easy to reach for quick relief right?

As a former litigation lawyer (for 15 years) turned wellness coach and registered counsellor, Isabella can relate to all of this.  She left law stressed and overwhelmed trying to balance both her career and young family.  She then leapt into mummy-wine-culture with open arms.  Isabella broke up with alcohol in early 2021 before it broke her! She has not looked back.

With Isabella’s support through 1:1 coaching and online programs Isabella’s clients not only gain greater freedom from alcohol but kick other life-changing health goals along the way.  Isabella tackles alcohol use, career goals, life stagnation, motivation, stress and intuitive eating.

Isabella also presents at corporate functions promoting a workplace alcohol reset program that is run both 1:1 and online.  Presenting is a passion of hers and she will always make time to speak at these events! 

Reading and listening to Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind was a game-changer for Isabella. She needed to know she could still laugh hard with her friends at lunches and dinners if she gave up alcohol.  And she does! She does this with all of the same crew that she partied with before but is happier and healthier now more than ever.

In brief, Isabella is a happily married mum of 2 teenage boys and step-mum to 2 wonderful ladies and an owner of a very bossy Beaglier, Daphne. Drawing from her studies, practical application and life-experience, it is her absolute pleasure to support clients build a life they can thrive in.