Holly Machin


Holly is a neurodiversity coach with a love for yoga, meditation and (most of all) people – their stories, passions and what makes their hearts sing. Her autism diagnosis at the age of 42 was a light bulb moment. It awoke in Holly a real determination to align her expression in the world with her own strengths and characteristics. Through the TNM methodology she removed alcohol from her life on 1st January 2021 and began for the first time to freely explore her own unique mind.

Holly’s aim is to support neurodiverse individuals to shift unwanted habits so that the path is clear for them to express the strongest, most vibrant, version of themselves. Examples of one to one personal coaching programmes offered include:

Alcohol Rethink

Eating to Self Nurture

Tuning out of Negative Self-Talk

Lifting the mask to step into your true self

Relationship Habit Rebalance

Body Image Reframe

Tackling Self-Sabotage and Procrastination