Heather LoBrutto


Heather is a native Floridian living an alcohol-FREE life in an environment associated with relaxation… and ALCOHOL!

She’s a wife and mom and became SOBERCURIOUS in 2021, although she had begun negotiations with alcohol long before that date, unknowingly.

Ditching alcohol has led to deeper, more fulfilling relationships, growing stronger and more in line with her faith, and being a more emotionally and physically present mother.

She specializes in helping busy, working (and SAHM is one of the biggest jobs out there!) Moms that know they were meant for more than the daily grind. If you’re feeling like you’re “burning the candle at both ends,” short-fused, can’t catch a break, yet putting on a wonderful show and no one can tell you may burst into tears or scream at any moment, Coach Heather is your girl. Heather specializes in helping you create a life without alcohol, so you can live free, there are enough burdens in life- let’s lighten the load and remove alcohol and get sober curious!