Giouli Psarraki, ALPC


Giouli is a passionate Greek woman, a wife, a mother, and proudly alcohol-free since January 2021. She studied French literature at NKUA, has an MSc in Cultural Organizations Management, and worked in the sector of event management for years. After becoming a mom, she turned to her real love, education, and she is now working as a teacher in primary schools. All these years, drinking was her favorite tool for dealing with deadlines, stress, and motherhood. Until it wasn’t. In the last three years, after listening to her intuition, decided to set serious goals on personal development, and she re-evaluated her relationship with alcohol. She met This Naked Mind and through this modern, compassionate, and science-based way of presenting the truth about alcohol, she managed to make alcohol totally irrelevant and unimportant in her life. The awakening she had through this procedure was so big that she wrote a book, first quit lit book in Greek, created an alcohol awareness account on IG, @anef_alcohol, and became a This Naked Mind Coach to help her country meet the truth and become aware of the dangerous side effects of alcohol. And even if alcohol is totally integrated into the Greek culture, the messages, she receives from people reading her book and following her account, are so strong, emotional, and inspirational that show how much humanity, now more than ever, really needs to know the truth around alcohol, because it is the truth that sets us free, after all. Now, as a former gray area drinker, author, Alcohol-free life coach, mindfulness instructor, and motivational speaker she helps people understand what gray are drinking is, find their truth, meet their inner bigger purpose, and live the life of their dreams, free of the constraints that can hold them back from their fullest potential. Yes! Together we can!


Working with Giouli is so energizing! Not only is she a knowledgeable and skillful coach, but she is kind, compassionate, and incredibly encouraging. Giouli’s approach is both supportive and challenging which has helped me to move past a number of personal hurdles; to remember my own inner strength; and to find the courage to continue moving towards my fullest potential. I would recommend Giouli to anyone seeking support in their journey to becoming alcohol-free and well beyond. She is a gifted coach who has helped me to transform my life in countless ways–I am forever grateful for her guidance and support.”- J.P. (USA)

Giouli gave me the time and attention I needed to explore my personal concerns and obstacles. She guided me in a way that made me feel like she really wanted to see a positive change in my life. Most importantly I felt I was in a safe environment. I felt like I regained the confidence I was missing. I am grateful! S.F. (Greece)