Ellie Crowe


Ellie is a mum of three living in Cambridge, England with her husband Darren and children, Pearl, Chester & Noa. She joined the January 2020 Live Alcohol Experiment after wondering what might happen by taking alcohol out of her life. Running an international business whilst bringing up three very young children had been taking its toll, and wine had become her means of relaxation. Ellie felt like she was stagnating personally and professionally – and existing rather than living. Learning the science behind alcohol changed everything for her and going through the Live Alcohol Experiment allowed her to see how profound and life-changing the This Naked Mind methodology could be. Discovering a new, wild and incredible alcohol-free life set alight a passion to help other mums find the same freedom, control, peace and joy – to stop other mums from erasing themselves and missing out on their precious and fleeting family lives.

Ellie is a huge dog-lover with three hounds at home – her beagles, Coco & Lola, and her basset hound, Rocket! She describes herself as a yogi warrior and can usually be found practising in some form or another. Reading and learning are a big part of her life when she gets any time to herself! She is also re-discovering her love of creative writing. As a breastfeeding mum, Ellie works for a breastfeeding charity to support other families. She specialises in coaching entrepreneur/professional mums who are breastfeeding and curious about the role alcohol plays in their lives.