Ellie Crowe


Ellie is co-host of the popular Present & Sober podcast.  Ellie helps women in midlife find true freedom, by ditching wine and connecting back with themselves and their deep yearning.  She also works with people in relationships upset, helping them to skilfully transform conflict.

Her heart-led approach focuses on teaching the necessary skills to be able to meet emotions without becoming consumed by them, and to nourish the nervous system, providing grounding and stability…even amongst the most challenging circumstances.

As a once-strung-out, working mum of three, Ellie knows well the trap of using wine to escape and just how tricky it is to moderate.  She also knows what’s possible when you find effective means of coping and connect back with your heart’s desire so that you can live the life you truly want and deserve.  Having moved through the process of marital separation since going AF, Ellie is passionate about supporting others to find balance and transform their relationship difficulties.

Through small coaching group programs and 1:1 coaching, Ellie’s mission is to help her clients discover joy, peace, and contentment by living wholeheartedly in the present moment.

Ellie is a Senior Certified This Naked Mind Coach, trained by Annie Grace, and a Certified Gray Area Drinking Coach, trained by Jolene Park.

She lives with her three children in Cambridge, England and she’s a passionate yogi, Wim Hof-er, and gymnast (back in training!).