Eliza Parkinson


Eliza coaches from the heart with humor and empathy. Her special focuses are working with the parents of children with special needs, women in blended families and women in complex domestic situations. These worlds can be truly overwhelming and so easily lead to using alcohol as a strategy to cope. Having experienced all of this first hand, she is uniquely skilled in helping women change their relationship with alcohol. She works with sober curious women, women who would like to explore moderation and those committed to living an alcohol free life.

With a background in performance and the visual arts, she is happily on her second marriage and is the mom and step-mom of three wonderful adult kids. Her lovely daughter Norah has special needs. Friends, family, coaching, art, music, walking, biking, yoga and community are the mainstays of her life.

In 2020, Eliza made the decision to explore life without alcohol. She tried going at it alone but when she woke up on New Year’s Day 2021 sick, anxious and with a very foggy memory of getting to bed the night before, she whispered to herself, “That’s ENOUGH!” She searched the Internet and found Annie Grace’s This Naked Mind. It changed her life and she has since lived free of alcohol and free of cravings. Her passion is to share her new joy – the joy of living alcohol free.

She lives both in Montreal, Quebec and Prince Edward County, Ontario.