Dr. Ingrid Cook


Dr. Ingrid provides one-on-one and group coaching to people wanting to change their relationship with alcohol. Her specialized approach and experience help her clients look at their drinking behavior by guiding them through a proven system to understand the limitations that prevented them in the past from addressing the issue and the tools and resources to make the changes they desire.

She is a chiropractic physician. She received her bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Science from Pepperdine University before receiving her doctorate, magna cum laude, from Cleveland Chiropractic College. As a daughter of an innovative engineer and a nurturing mother, her curiosity about human physiology and her sense of service to others were innate.

With personal experience being the greatest teacher of all, Dr. Ingrid has developed an insightful understanding of the insidious progression of alcohol use. She helps people find their freedom from alcohol so that they can be the leader of their own destiny. When looking to develop a better relationship with alcohol and have fun doing it, look no further and let Dr Ingrid help you get there!