Donna Scott-McCann


Donna’s 59 years of life to-date has been pretty unique. She’s been a stockbroker, entrepreneur of two successful business start ups, Microsoft and Intuit “technical evangelist” and now a certified This Naked Mind coach. When Donna hit 50, menopause, a faltering marriage strained by alcohol use, the death of her father, dealing with her mom’s alcohol abuse and raising two teens, it took its toll. Wine became her go-to therapist to cope. When she turned 57 she left her husband of 36 years and struck out on her own.

Annie Grace’s book was a life-saver. Alcohol free since January 2021, Donna is excited to help others in mid-life manage the ups and downs – body changes, separation/divorce, becoming empty nesters, facing retirement – without the crutch of alcohol. 

Her goal is to provide her clients with an “anchor” leveraging the science and tactics This Naked Mind has developed to give people the freedom to drink or not as they choose. Overcoming alcohol’s grip can seem insurmountable. Anchor Coaching is there to provide a safe, secure and confidential haven for you to explore your relationship with alcohol and set sail to a new life of freedom, health and joy.

When not coaching, Donna enjoys many outdoor pursuits including tennis, kayaking, hiking, biking, skiing and hanging out with her trusty Pomeranian named Socks.

“May Your Anchor Hold” is her mantra in life.