Debi Talbert


Debi Talbert is an Intentional Living Coach. She’s also a This Naked Mind Sr. Certified Coach, host of Exit The Drinking Life Podcast and creator of the EXIT Methodology. Debi is on a mission to help every woman love what they see in the mirror with their own eyes, create lives they love living and decide for themselves where alcohol fits in the life they want to live.

From the age of 18 until September of 2016, Debi believed alcohol was the answer to all life brought her way. As menopause began to hit, she found herself unhappy, exhausted, and hated what she saw in the mirror with her own eyes.

Debi’s quest to create a life she loved living helped her develop what she lovingly calls the EXIT Methodology. Debi’s methodology helps her and her clients think outside the box, develop the self-confidence to define, declare and create lives they love living. They stop loathing themselves and start loving what they see in the mirror with their own eyes. They design and create their own unique relationship with alcohol. Decide for themselves where, how and if alcohol fits in the lives they want to live.

Debi offers a virtual life coaching membership and mastermind programs. Her focus on being your unique self, designing your ideal life and intentional living is a game-changing for her members and mastermind participants.

Come join in and create your own unique life!

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