Debi Talbert, ALPC


Did you know you can train your brain?!?! Yes, it turns out we can train our brains – point them, guide them, and direct them. Imagine being the grandmother who lives, yes lives it now, a legacy of what’s possible when you stop believing age is a limitation. What that means for you is your kids and grandkids living in a world where aging is seen as a gift and “old” is no longer instantly thought of as a limitation.

Debi is a retired flight attendant with 37 years of cruising through the skies and reading the human map, who’s turned her expertise to coaching. All those in-flight hours taught her more than just how to handle turbulence; they showed her the resilience and diversity of human spirits, guiding her to redefine her own journey-retiring notions of what’s possible as the birthdays added up, and firmly buckling up for an adventure in brain training.

Her own flight plan took a turn as she learned to use brain training skills to navigate out of a decade-long struggle with alcohol and steer herself into the exciting territories of entrepreneurship at the age of 59. Today, she blends these life-transforming skills into her coaching, helping grandmas – vibrant women with a lifetime of wisdom – to chart their own courses.

Think of hiring a life coach as your personal gateway to new horizons; no knitting in rocking chairs – unless that’s one of your adventure stops! Debi’s group coaching programs and private coaching are ideal for the grandmother who wants to redefine what it means to wear that beautiful title in today’s dynamic world.

Emboldening you to be an example of what’s possible is how Debi does her part in shaping her grandkids’ world into a world where growing older is something to treasure.

In addition to bustling with her coaching business, you might find her indoor rock climbing with her grandkids, lifting weights, spinning pottery, exploring local tourist spots with her 4 adult kids and 5 grandkids in FL, TN, or DC, or rejuvenating at a spa-always in pursuit of new experiences and discoveries.

Working with Debi is like being on an adventure flight, where every session brings a new perspective, propelling you towards your dreams with joy and excitement.

Whether it’s through group programs or 1-1 coaching, stepping on board with Debi means gearing up for profound growth, celebrating life’s every stage, and creating new tales of what it means to be a grandma today. A version that grows and you grow!

Ready to be the pilot and design your own version of grandma life? Check out my website and let’s set your coordinates to thrive!

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