Danielle Fleming


Danielle is committed to changing the conversation around alcohol. As a hospitality professional of 17 years she strives to help close the gap between the hospitality industry and growing sober curious movement. By encouraging enhanced AF bar menus and specialized employee training, she helps establishments be more inclusive of non drinkers during dining and celebratory experiences.

Danielle enjoys working with women in their 30’s who want the clarity and confidence to live a life of purpose. She helps them to get curious and reconsider what alcohol means for them so they can stand in their bold truth, own their wild woman power and reinvent their lives in a more wholehearted and heart centered way.

After years of blackout drinking she found herself struggling to go AF when she was newly pregnant in January of 2020. During her pregnancy she found freedom with TNM and knew when she gave birth she would help other women transform their experience and embrace this sacred and magical time.

Danielle founded the wellness company Rooted Ruby to foster self-care and continuous growth in women through embodiment, yoga philosophy, quality wellness products, and a deepened connection to the Earth through gardening and real food. She understands the power of aligning with the heart’s truth and how connecting inwards is key to lasting peace and happiness in a world gone wild.

Working with Danielle helps women to slow down, connect to the heart, and create their own unique and beautiful impact in the world so they can live the purpose driven life of their dreams.

She is a farmer at heart, loves animals, camping and rhubarb pie!