Crystal Anne, ALPC


Meet Crystal Anne! As a single, homeschooling mother of two, Crystal shares her experiences of using alcohol as a means of coping with unmet (internal) needs, emotional dysregulation, and filling the voids left by the wounds of trauma and domestic abuse. Despite the chaos contributed by the abuse of alcohol past (and no matter how many attempts for a day one),  Crystal believes that no moment is too late for anyone to choose to do the next right thing – believes that every ONE DAY has importance to life.

Before finding This Naked Mind (TNM), Coach Crystal Anne served as a mentor in the 12-step approach to living life without alcohol.  Filled with a previous sense of “failure” to live into the societal definition of “alcoholic,” she could never joyfully identify with the term, and sensed that there was more to the labeled “dis-ease.” 

On her personal journey of SOUL SABBATICAL, Coach Crystal Anne used the methodologies of TNM to free her mind and release the emotional affair that she held in the beliefs found tangled within the consumption of alcohol – an unhealthy coping mechanism she found early in life to manage trauma. 

Yes, once working the desires of the heart from within, Crystal now lives a life of freedom without the pressures of white-knuckling, self-willpower (in relationship to alcohol), and into clarity of life living forward. 

Believing that clarity is the most important thing we can have to begin the process of working it out in the body, Crystal Anne has dedicated herself to helping others find their FIT in mental mindsets and mindful movement for the purpose of alcohol reset; her clients are purposefully LivingOUTLoud Life by design of creation and NOT just escape – finding FIT(ness) in strength of PURPOSE, CONNECTION WITHIN, and a place of BELONGING. 

Coach Crystal Anne is an advocate for WHOLE BEING WELLNESS, and dedicated to helping other women find healing and wholeness within themselves, inspiring them to find their UNIQUE fit in their FREEDOM journey within.

As a FREEDOM MINDSET AND ALCOHOL RESET Coach, Crystal believes in the power of cultivating unconditional love from within, with the purpose of living out relational boundaries to self, others, and habits.  Coach Crystal Anne is dedicated to teaching her clients how to work intentional strategies to achieve RADICAL SELF ACCEPTANCE. In her passion, Coach Crystal believes that it is within a person’s power to take captive their thoughts, think about what is pure (for the individual), rewire automatic negative thinking, and renew the mind into emotion-based goals.

As Coach Crystal says, “It’s all about the mind-body CONNECTION as we are LivingOUTLoud Life in ALIGNMENT of SELF for personal CORE STABILITY & STRENGTH TRAINING from within…”

Crystal Anne is a This Naked Mind Certified Coach, Certified Professional Life Coach, holds certificates in Mindfulness, Mindful Relationships, Brain Health, Vitality Coaching, Aqua Fitness, and studies personal training, and nutrition, and is an essential oil enthusiast. 

Coach Crystal Anne does not believe that she YET has it all together but is confident she believes in the one who does. Applying biblical principles to self-care, Coach Crystal Anne is encouraging women to recognize the importance of self-love and care, honoring it as instrumental to wellfully performing the roles and responsibilities for “her” life. Crystal Anne promotes personal social responsibility and self-governing accountability, believing that we each GET the privilege to take charge of ourselves. 

Coach Crystal Anne offers programs from This Naked Mind, as well as other 1:1 program packages such as her signature programs of Soul Sabbatical and LivingOUTLoud Life Naked: Rooted Wellness.If this sounds like a FIT for you to walk your path forward into the freedom of life’s journey, connect with her at for a DISCOVERY CALL to discover your possible next steps into YOUR journey of FREEDOM FORWARD.