Courtney Peters


Courtney outgrew alcohol, she just didn’t know it yet.

When the switch flipped on alcohol’s significance in her life, realizing there was none, she felt compelled to guide others to this freedom as well.

She didn’t know how truly awesome living alcohol-free would be. She feared it actually. What would it mean? She had worked hard to fit it in, she loved her life.  What edge would present itself for her to actually make a change to her relationship finally? Alcohol had way too much power.

Courtney’s last alcoholic drink was on July 7, 2022,  though she didn’t know it at the time.  Prompted by a nudge from her sister in heaven Courtney chose Annie Grace’s 30-day alcohol-free experiment after researching and journaling. This decision would lead to a profound shift in her perspective, becoming the catalyst for a new passion and purpose.

Are you dedicated to caring for others, struggling to put yourself first? Courtney specializes in guiding individuals like you. Understanding the unique challenges and pressures of your demanding roles, she is committed to helping you reduce the impact and presence of alcohol in your life. Whether you’re currently drinking, abstaining, or somewhere in-between, her focus is to support you to release alcohol’s grip while guiding you toward healthier ways to relax, Courtney is also dedicated to helping you establish sustainable self-care practices.

Courtney founded PMA Coaching in 2019, embarking on a journey that has involved working with dozens of life-coaching clients across the US.

In addition to her client-focused work, she enjoys mentoring peer coaches-in-training and actively participates in international coaching groups. Her collaborative efforts extend to her local community, where she passionately spreads awareness about living alcohol-free.

As a former teacher and devoted mother of two, Coach Courtney is committed to guiding clients on their own path of personal growth in a simplified way, grounded in a positive mental attitude.

It’s time to shatter those cycles and open the door to new adventures.

When clients work with Coach Courtney, they embark on a journey to become the best version of themselves. Eliminating the significance of alcohol is a fantastic way to achieve that!


“When I first reached out to Coach Courtney I wasn’t confident about staying sober in the pending 2023 summer and feared I would be in situations where temptation would arise. I had stopped drinking on my own 7 years previous but knew the relaxed summer schedule and socializing would be a challenge.  Coach Courtney taught me how to pause in the moment and take inventory of all the work I’ve done and imagine myself getting through tempting moments with self-assurance and little “mantras” I’d repeat in my mind. She is a lifesaver. I would’ve imbibed this summer if it wasn’t for her teaching me to reframe my thoughts, change my wiring by letting go of the power of impulse, and even teaching small tactics like getting out of the room, leaving the restaurant, not apologize-just recognize the vulnerability and make it your superpower. Don’t emphasize wanting to drink, concentrate on the fact that you haven’t had a drink! Coach Courtney helped me learn my value as a non-drinker and to live alcohol-free. I am grateful that alcohol is not on my radar anymore.”
– Kerridan. C

“You can read all of the self-help and self-care encouraging quotes about helping yourself to help others but actually doing it is a different story. After working with Coach Courtney I now believe it! If I better myself I’m better for my kids and family. As a caregiver to my mother-in-law for many years and now my husband, people always ask what are you doing for you? My answer these past 3 months, I have a life coach. Working with Coach Courtney put me in the mix of my priorities. I never did anything for me or my own health really before working with her.”
– P.S