Colleen Clifford


As a child, Colleen’s love for cooking and health expanded into a life-long exploration and career. As a graduate of Ferandi, in Paris, France, she combines her culinary and food related skills with Health Coaching (IIN) and Alcohol-Free Coaching (TNMI).

Once she discovered her food choices, that cravings are controllable, and how to find self-love, she was able to achieve her freedom. She now offers support on demystifying the diet culture, dealing with cravings, food support, and from sabotaging behaviors such as emotional eating (binge) and drinking. As someone who once was plagued by all this, Colleen has the empathy and tools to support her female clients toward their freedom too.

Colleen’s specialty is Binge Behavior’s.

Colleen provides confidence and success is turning her female clients sabotaging behaviors around. She provides her clients the ability to access their awareness so they can continue their new found healthy habits on their own.

“Colleen has done for me what no diet or doctor has been able to do for the past 30 years. She has helped me understand why I eat and helped me realize that I don’t have to eat my feelings.  I am important and worthy of better health.  I highly recommend her. Our sessions were amazing. I’ve been telling all my friends about her…even strangers. Take the time to do something wonderful for yourself…give Colleen a call.” – Susan Z

“Before meeting Colleen Clifford, my relationship with food was very confusing, unhealthy, and overall difficult to understand. I had the opportunity to work with Colleen and during every session, we dug deeper into my relationship with food, address my triggers, and how to combat it all. Colleen has amazing tools to really make you think and help. These tools are going to be used daily for me, and I am forever grateful. In addition, Colleen is very professional, as well as compassionate. She listens and gives amazing advice. I highly recommend Colleen Clifford.” – M.B.

“Colleen is a great Health Coach.  Her workshop was a safe, welcoming place to talk about food issues and explore strategies.  I highly recommend attending.”  – Suzy