Cole Harvey


For years Cole had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol because of refusing the call to become who he was meant to be. He was without meaning or purpose in his life and as a result he was lost is a wilderness of apathy and self-loathing. Cole knew that the biggest obstacle to discovering meaning was getting alcohol out of his life. On January 1, 2020, he decided to go alcohol free. Using the tools of playful curiosity, compassion, and empowerment he began to find his way back to his true path and begin the journey of transformation.

Cole has spent many years with a backpack on exploring the remote and far-flung places the US has to offer. He has a love of the wild as well as the hero’s journey and incorporates these ideas into his coaching. As a habit change and mindset coach, Cole believes his calling is to help you navigate the forest of your subconscious beliefs and to be a guide as you explore your own inner landscape. He understands the disconnect from our deepest selves that has occurred and how this has brought about the pain within others that he had in his own life. He believes his calling is to help other young men to ford the rivers, climb the mountains, and connect with themselves as they map their own journey to meaning and purpose.

Within his one-on-one coaching, Cole provides a space free of shame and judgement for an open channel of ideas and insights to flow. He believes that every person has a unique gift to give to the world and that you have the power within and the responsibility to find and share this calling. He is excited by the idea and opportunity to join you as you step through the thresholds, encounter obstacles, overcome challenges, and return to your community and loved ones with your gift to share!