Christy Osborne


Christy is a Certified “This Naked Mind” Coach helping moms in their 30s and 40s examine their relationship with alcohol. Christy grew up in Los Angeles, but relocated to London in 2008 after completing law school and passing the California Bar Exam. Upon relocating to the United Kingdom, Christy started a successful website to help other expat women navigate the transition across the pond. Her website became a hugely popular resource for American women in London.

Christy was always a social drinker, but found that, in her 30s, the stress of being a working mom caused her drinking to increase. In 2018 she lost her mother (partly related to alcohol abuse) and her drinking spiralled out of control. Although everything looked fine on the surface, Christy knew she had to regain control of her life, for herself and for her family.

In 2020 as the UK went into lockdown, Christy found This Naked Mind and spent the pandemic reading everything she could get her hands on to find freedom from alcohol. Then, in the hopes of, once again helping fellow mothers in both the US and UK, Christy completed her coaching certification.

If you’re a mom, who looks like she’s got it all together, but you’re secretly exhausted, stressed and looking to reevaluate your drinking with a compassionate and fun friend, Christy is your girl! Christy offers bespoke 1:1 coaching, and will work with you to develop a coaching relationship that suits your busy schedule.

Additionally, Christy has navigated alcohol related loss of a parent and would love to help anyone going through a similar circumstance by offering tactics to navigate this painful grief.

Christy lives in London, UK with her husband and two children. She is a Christian and loves Jesus with her whole heart. Hobbies include tennis, padel, pilates, and long walks with her cavapoo, Copper.