Christiane Simone Hartl


Christiane has got two “dream jobs” (vocations) – she is a flight attendant for the biggest German Airline, and she is so proud to be the first “Certified This Naked Mind Coach” in Germany. She is a mother of two young adults, Noah & Emma and speaks German, English and Spanish fluently. She left home when she was 19 for her studies and ended up living in Mexico and on the Canary Islands (Spain) for 20 years. Since 2014 she has been back in Germany and is now living in a small village near Frankfort. Alcohol was always a huge part of her lifestyle and when she became 50, Christiane realized that she was stagnating personally and professionally – and existing rather than living. For years she tried to moderate, do food, Weight Watcher experiences and other “wellness” breaks – none of it provided lasting change.

Learning the science behind alcohol changed everything for her. When she took a break from alcohol on April 8, 2020, she discovered Annie Grace’s book This Naked Mind, and her life was forever changed. The experience was life changing and she immediately knew coaching women around their relationship with alcohol was her calling. Her journey has shown her that happiness is not found inside a bottle. Her coaching will help you achieve your own happiness living an alcohol-free life where you have power over alcohol, not the other way around. Christiane works with professional women who privately suspect that alcohol is holding them back from having the life they truly desire.

When not coaching or flying around the world, Christiane loves all kinds of outdoor activities; tennis, skiing, hiking, biking, SUP and much more. She loves cooking and spending time with friends from all over the world or chatting with her kids.

Christiane knows where you are, and where you can go, and considers it a privilege to help you get there and find freedom from alcohol. She offers individualized 1:1 coaching (German, English or Spanish) based on This Naked Mind methodology allowing her clients to discover a happy & free life from alcohol, filled with positivity, grace and compassion. Her goal is to help women take back control and find the freedom of making alcohol small and irrelevant in their life.