Chris Lawrence


Over 30 years, Chris developed a heavy-drinking lifestyle as a lawyer, “road-warrior” and expat. He therefore understands the challenges that come with such a life, including the feeling that it would be impossible to stop drinking.

After a scary, “defining moment” in early 2019, however, followed by some intense work with This Naked Mind (TNM), Chris embraced an Alcohol-Free lifestyle as from 22 January 2019. He is happier and healthier than ever, so much so that he became a Certified TNM Coach as a way to help other expats and professionals do the same thing.

From his home in Asia, Chris works one-on-one with clients internationally to explore their relationship with alcohol and then develop and execute together a customised transformation plan. In addition to vast experience of drinking too much (!) all over the world, Chris brings with him an an open-minded, humble attitude and a long-time yoga, wellness and meditation practice.

Chris wants to help you realize just how big and fun the world really is once you take control over alcohol and find real freedom.