Cheryl Young


Cheryl is a Certified Coach with This Naked Mind and lives in the greater Atlanta area of North Georgia. She is married and has 3 grown children along with a grandson.

A little about Cheryl. If she isn’t working in her homegrown garden or adding the latest seasonal bloom to her many potted flower plants sprinkled across her back deck, you will find her spending time with her family (including her 3 dogs) with an episode of Andy Griffith playing in the background. More often than not, you will find her at Truist Park with her husband, John, cheering for her Atlanta Braves every single game day.

Cheryl might have had drinks socially over the years, but once her kids left for college, her drinking increased and took on a whole new meaning. She drank regularly, heavily, for more than 10 years. Throughout this difficult time, as many of us can imagine, there were great periods of progress followed by very difficult and painful pitfalls. Despite receiving queues from loved ones, signs from above, or any evidence she faced to do what she knew she needed to do, she continued struggling with a vicious cycle. It isn’t easy to keep one’s head above water if they don’t know how to swim in rough waters. Eventually, she had to admit that alcohol was not making her life better.

Unfortunately, quitting was not as easy as she had imagined.

Always trying to press on, she explored outlets that she could find; most notably AA. She attended local meetings for several months and experienced some success. However, a number of reasons proved it wasn’t the right fit for Cheryl. She never stopped believing that there was something out there that would help her develop new tools for her toolbox of life.

Her search finally led her to This Naked Mind where she learned the science behind it all. Through this science, she was able to understand that she wasn’t broken weak, or helpless. TNM gave her the context behind why our mind and body responds the way we do and isn’t that fascinating?! She absolutely knows that joy and freedom are both possible and alcohol can become irrelevant in anyone’s life. This is exactly what happened for Cheryl. She has been alcohol-free since April 23, 2021!

Cheryl is eager to work with women who face similar situations to her own experience, but she is passionate to work with any person seeking a better life yet doesn’t know how or if they can get it.