Charlotta Gustavsson


Born in Sweden in the mid-’60s, Charlotta started her alcohol “career” at 13 – just like most kids did those days. From then on, alcohol became a natural part of everything that had to do with fun and relaxation, like parties, vacations, weekends, holidays, happy hours, and every little celebration (and if there wasn’t a reason to celebrate, you could always come up with one!). Still, nothing exceptional from what everyone else was doing! Not drinking was unthinkable. 

In 2005, Charlotta left a safe job, friends, and family, and an attractive apartment in downtown Stockholm to move to Austria, where she settled down with her new Austrian partner. So, there she was, not yet speaking the language, with no friends, no family except for the one her husband introduced her to, and no job. Interestingly, the isolation wasn’t as big a thing as one may think; Charlotta has always been able to enjoy her own company! The Austrian wine culture was exotic and exciting to her, and she just loved to make trips to the Austrian vineyards, tasting her way through the assortment and buying loads of wine to take home! 

Ever since childhood, Charlotta was conditioned to believe that she should never ever show any negative emotions whatsoever. If she did, it would cause other people pain and discomfort. So, better suppress them! This, together with the steadily increasing consumption of alcohol, finally led to almost ten years of secret drinking. Not even her husband knew how much she drank when he wasn’t around! She became a self-made expert in secret drinking and could probably write a book on how to hide both drinking and emotions. 

Reading the book This Naked Mind in October 2019, followed by the 30 Days Alcohol Experiment, and joining The PATH in June 2020, put an end to that downward spiral of secret drinking and finally freed her from the chains of alcohol. Charlotta had her last glass of wine on June 21, 2020. 

Charlotta mainly coaches Swedish-speaking high-functioning women, 50+, who struggle with the shameful secret drinking just like she did. She also coaches in English and German and in any area that makes us feel stuck and hopeless. 

If you’re just a bit like Charlotta, you’re probably used to “fix“ everything on your own, but honestly, wouldn’t it feel good to have someone by your side this time? Coaching with Charlotta will help you take the necessary steps you deserve to become free from alcohol and find inner peace in life.