Cash Freitas, MSW


Cash is a trained social worker, therapist, and full-time professional and mom. She is passionate about guiding people toward greater confidence, clarity, and self-compassion. Cash holds advanced degrees in anthropology and social work, and is an experienced child and family therapist. As a native Oregonian, she believes in the healing powers of getting outdoors, moving your body, and developing your own spiritual practice for inner peace.

Cash coaches working parents of young children who desire better work-life balance, more energy, and greater peace and presence in their relationships. They seek to gain control over their drinking habit, either through moderation or the complete removal of alcohol from their life.

With the support and guidance of Clear Heart Coaching, clients gain insight into and control over their alcohol habit, resulting in greater health, confidence, and freedom from alcohol.

Are You Ready For Freedom? 
For Alcohol To Be Small & Irrelevant In Your Life? 
Do you want that to happen sooner than later?
Imagine the life you will lead when alcohol is not taking up space in your mind, heart, or thoughts. And it is certainly not negatively affecting your life or health.

Imagine being that ALIVE and joyfully loving every minute.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not.
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