Caroline Sherlock


Caroline is a Registered Nutritionist, Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and is now super-excited to add Certified This Naked Mind Coach to her list of credentials!

Caroline works with motivated and driven individuals: those who are starting to wonder whether alcohol is holding them back in life – either professionally or personally, and who are open to exploring this in a non-judgemental, confidential environment. Caroline’s intention is that those who work with her regain excitement for their lives ahead – feeling clear headed, focused, and super-productive in both their professional and personal lives.

Drawing on over 15 years of clinical experience in nutrition and functional medicine, Caroline supports those who are ready to explore their relationship with alcohol and/or take a break from alcohol – as well as those who are already alcohol free but who want to optimise their health and productivity, perhaps healing body and mind after unhealthy prior drinking patterns. 

Most of her clients are highly functioning, using alcohol to ‘switch off’. As a high-achiever with a brain that feels as if it is constantly ‘switched on’ – Caroline can identify; her ‘relaxing’ glass of wine (or two) at night to help relax after a stressful week juggling career and family life somehow became a go-to routine. But this was a routine that was accompanied by an increasingly uncomfortable voice at the back of her head that this was no longer a healthy way to relax. Instead, it was a relationship that was keeping her stuck in life, that was at odds with her career ethos, was eating away at her self-respect and that was preventing her from being the inspiring business leader and role-model she aspired to as a mother. 

And so, a journey of self-discovery, new rituals and deconstructing her own ingrained beliefs around alcohol began.  In March 2021 Caroline became alcohol free with This Naked Mind. She used her professional knowledge of nutrition, food supplements, lifestyle changes and functional lab testing, including genetics, to personalise her alcohol freedom journey, and to make it as easy as possible for her to take a break. 

Her break was intended to be a short one but the benefits that Caroline gained from being alcohol free were so life-changing, she has never looked back and now simply can’t imagine a life entwined with alcohol again! Caroline fully embraces the gifts that feeling switched on can bring, both personally and professionally – and shares her expertise, clinical experience, TNM coaching skills – and personal journey – to help others who are also exploring their own relationships with alcohol. 

Caroline is based in the UK but has a virtual, online practice, enabling her to work with clients globally on a one-to-one basis and in group programmes.