Cari Wolters


Cari is a seasoned educator with over two decades in the teaching arena and a mother of 2. Her transformative journey unfolded as she transitioned into coaching, specifically guiding numerous women in professional settings over the past eight years. Recognizing the pivotal role of self-reflection and self-compassion, Cari addresses the struggles of busy working women and mothers battling anxiety-induced reliance on nightly glasses of wine. Having overcome her own challenges, Cari has been alcohol-free since February 2022, passionately dedicating her career to empowering women to lead fulfilling lives without the need for alcohol as a crutch. Her unique approach fosters curiosity and equips women with the tools to break free from the cycle of guilt and shame associated with drinking, encouraging them to create lives they don’t need to numb out from.


Eight months ago I was laying in bed hungover with an ice pack on my head asking my husband for Advil and calling out of work. Today I was up at 5:45 am, made my coffee, let the dogs out and a hangover is nowhere in sight. Eight months ago I made a choice. I said “I’m done with this roller coaster, there has to be a better way to live” and there is!! I have found it! I signed up with a Sober Curious Life Coach (of course Cari Wolters is my amazing coach), and through her support, I started my journey! I read books and relentlessly listened to podcasts during my commute. I became aware of my triggers. I changed my work schedule to avoid the witching hour and to give myself a day off mid-week for personal growth time. I got a therapist. I caught up on a lot of Dr. appointments. I started organizing my finances better. I made time for a morning practice. I also made the plunge to sign up for yoga teacher training!! Most importantly, I began to trust myself which has greatly improved my self-confidence!
P. Massachusetts

I am writing this testimonial with an overwhelming sense of gratitude for Coach Cari. In a moment of worry and emotional struggle, I found myself stuck in anxiety with a tough thought that seemed to cast a shadow over my entire perspective. Her ability to connect on a human level, with kindness, compassion, and an intuitive understanding of my emotions, created a safe space for me to share. Coach Cari guided me through a transformative process, providing insights and perspectives that helped me turn my negative thoughts into a source of strength and energy. The impact was profound, and I was stunned as I felt a shift in my mindset. It seriously felt like a magic trick! Coach Cari has a unique gift for instilling hope and optimism. I am so grateful for the positive change she facilitated not only in that particular moment but also for moments to come!
J.F. Clearwater