Cara Menz


Cara empowers Highly Sensitive, middle-aged women who are (or soon to be) empty nesters to live a truly happy and fulfilling life, alcohol-free.

Cara lives with her husband in a small town in Minnesota where she also grew up. They have two adult boys and a daughter-in-law. Cara loves her perennial flower gardens, hiking, being in nature, traveling, going to off-the-beaten places in the mountains, reading, podcasts, and thoroughly enjoys creating deep relationships with like-minded people.

Three years before her last son left for college she started thinking about what the future would look like as an empty nester. It didn’t look very promising to her. Hangovers, sleeping in and not having the motivation to create the authentic life and self that alcohol was taking away from her.

Once Cara realized that you don’t have to hit rock bottom or be labeled an ‘alcoholic’ to want to change your relationship with alcohol, the game changed for her. Deep down, Cara knew that drinking alcohol might be holding her back from creating a fulfilling life that truly had meaning. Helping others had always been at the forefront of her 20-year career but taking care of herself was always put on the back burner. She thought she had self-care figured out until she dove deeper into what alcohol did to her body, brain and the science behind its effects. When Cara realized that alcohol is one of the most addictive drugs and that people had stopped drinking with programs such as This Naked Mind, there was an indescribable glimmer of hope!

Alongside her empowerment journey without alcohol, Cara discovered she is a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP) and she was blown away by what she has learnt about the personality trait, and how it has affected her. HSP support now adds another, complimentary layer to her coaching.

Imagine this…..

As a highly sensitive empty nester, you have goals such as traveling, a new hobby or even a new career/project but you sense something is holding you back. You have a feeling that your relationship with alcohol is becoming unhealthy, but you can’t imagine living a relaxed and fun life without it, leaving you feeling stuck and unfulfilled. You might not realize how much alcohol is affecting you and your highly sensitive nervous system until you learn why you drink and eventually take a break from it. When you do this, you start becoming compassionately curious, learning more and more about yourself and begin feeling empowered and present. Without alcohol, you have been able to access the energy and confidence you have been craving and start taking action towards your exciting goals. You’ve overcome a hurdle that you never thought you’d get over which is drinking alcohol.

Cara will support you to live the healthy, happy and authentic life that you never want to escape from!