Caitlin Vaughn, DVM, CCFP


Caitlin works as a veterinarian, but believes that her career does not define her. She is also a runner, a wife, a dog-mom, a reader, and a lover of all things outdoors – especially the rocky and rooty trails of New England.

You may hear Caitlin joke about being a “former box-checker” or “recovering perfectionist.” But the reality is that a lifetime of existing to please others led her down a long road of numbing and disconnection, and she had a hard time believing it could ever be different.

After multiple half-hearted attempts to change her relationship with alcohol (mostly with a plan to moderate), she found This Naked Mind and a light clicked on. Suddenly, there was hope, and a new path became available.

Having spent many years in a vicious cycle of perfection/performance and imposter syndrome, Caitlin knows what it’s like to feel burned out, broken down, and stuck – but she also knows that you have the ability to change.

Caitlin specializes in coaching veterinary staff who have a desire to break free from habits or old ways of thinking that are more harmful than helpful. She works with her clients to identify thought patterns and beliefs that are holding them back, to create a new work/non-work rhythm that best supports an overall happier and healthier lifestyle. Caitlin believes that we can create a new culture in veterinary medicine – and it starts with us.

Her down to earth and compassionate coaching style empowers her clients to “be the change” they want to see, challenging the status quo in favor of living an authentically beautiful life.

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